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What Is The IASC?

The International Academy of Specialty Coffee (IASC) is the premium specialty coffee education division developed by Coffee Fest. We recognize the demand for international barista standards and certification. Coffee Fest has become the premier trade and education source for specialty coffee retail business training in the United States and has proven instrumental with the development of IASC specialty coffee education. This more formal training will continue to serve the skill development, testing, certification, and education needs of our industry - providing recognition for those who demonstrate proficient skills and knowledge in the field of specialty coffee. The IASC, an internationally established industry education and standardization programming was developed by the panel of IASC directors, who combined, offer over 50 years of experience in the specialty coffee industry.

Barista Certification

Since 2006, 560 professional Baristi have been certified as World Class at Coffee Fest by I.A.S.C. trainers, testers and the world's most demanding barista certification standards. Specialty Coffee retailers looking for an edge over local competitors should consider enhancing the level of their customer service and beverage quality by having their baristas certified. Customers will return more often and more consistently when served by baristas who are knowledgeable and possess the skills inherent of a certified barista. Expose your Barista to industry leading authorities on coffee preparation and service to help you develop a whole new level of business.

Congratulations to our Distinguished List of
IASC Certified Baristas!

To be certified as a World Class barista by the IASC, baristi must pass both a written test and simulated cafe barista techniques test. Please Note: The standards are extremely high and this testing is not recommended for beginner baristas. Passing the test to become certified requires a great amount of hands-on experience to demonstrate your proficiency, skills, techniques and knowledge.

The Two-Part Test Consists Of:

A) Written Test (you will be sent a study guide)

B) Simulated Cafe Barista Techniques Test

* A certified Barista Certificate for those that pass both tests will be provided following the conclusion of the show.

NOTE: Testing runs from 12:30 to 4:30pm daily, however the written test may be taken at any time between 12:30 to 4:30pm on Friday and Saturday; and 12:30 to 3:30pm on Sunday. The hands-on tests are scheduled every twenty minutes from 12:30 to 4:30pm daily. The written test may take as long as an hour to complete.

Price Per Person: $99. (Pre registration required).

To register for testing to become an IASC Certified Barista, please register as an attendee for the upcoming trade show of your choice and then register for certification testing under fee-based workshops.