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Elevate Your Coffee Shop with Social Media

Elevate Your Coffee Shop with Social Media

Elevate Your Coffee Shop with Social Media
by Zach Lyman, Marketing Beaver

Hi there! My name is Zack and my first ever job was at a local coffee shop as a barista. For the last ten years, I have spent my life in Social Media Marketing. Now, I consult and work at Marketing Beaver.

Social Media Has Changed a Lot  

Social media has forever changed the world. Things that seemed impossible, are now at our fingertips, of every moment of every day. Vertical video is growing with the digital age. No longer are videos only for YouTube, a huge video production, or formal circumstances. Videos are readily available in a variety of ways, on many different platforms. Everything has “stories”. Stories are told in short video clips on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snap Chat, YouTube shorts, etc. People are tired of “perfect”. Real, raw content is trending and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. People are over the edited, photoshopped content. Behind the scenes, imperfect, real, daily life content is booming in the social media realm.


You Are Doing Great!

It is okay if you don’t post daily on everything. It’s okay if you focus on only a couple of social media platforms instead of all of them. Get a couple down, rather than spreading yourself so thin. Do your research, look at the data and see what the audience tells you. They will tell you what they want.



There are many free assets Instagram provides for its users. Hashtags are free and a great way to elevate the status of your coffee shop. Instagram reels are important too. The short clips tell a story and attract the perfect amount of attention before the audience is on to the next. Instagram also allows customers to engage with social media through likes, comments, and shares.

While creating content to elevate your brand, it is important to remember to create something that is worth saving. Creating content consumers stop to look at or watch, is important to engage with your audience and allow the brand to stand out.


Let’s Talk Vertical Video

When creating vertical videos, keep the 4 steps in mind:

  • Create something worth sharing
  • Create something with shaving
  • Speak to our audience
  • Keep it short, 30 seconds or less


You’re Not Too Old for TikTok

Before you post on Tiktok, watch for two weeks. Analyze the trends and see how you want to be perceived. Be sure to follow others in your niche and see what they’re up to and how you can be different.

Consumers want honesty and transparency. The brand will be respected and valued, creating trusting and loyal consumers. Do not be over the top in the videos.  


Be Different

Remember you’re not building a following, you’re building a family. Text your customers about the new fire sale or the new blend coming out!


Find Where to Save Time!

Find time to save around batch creation, feeding the wheel, and the right apps. Having this organized, in line and integrated into your business will streamline the processes, elevating your coffee shop.


Let’s Automate Your Coffee Business

Marking Beaver App Handles:

  • Email Marketing
  • Text Message Marketing
  • All Your Social Media Messages
  • Beautiful CRM
  • Funnel Creation
  • & Much More!

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