Golden Rules of Exhibiting

Aug 05

Erika Lowery

Golden Rules of Exhibiting

By: Erika Lowery

“David Heilbrunn Solid Gold System for Successful Exhibiting at Any Trade Show, in Any Industry.”  In fact, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.david.jpg
To date we have produced 81 Coffee Fest shows and have worked with more than 1000 separate exhibiting companies.  We have seen what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to exhibiting and selling and yes, selling remains a very important aspect of exhibiting.

# 1. Get to know your future customers before the show even begins.  
The best Trade Shows collect demographic and psychographic data on attendees during the on-line registration process.  It is not uncommon for the show to ask the attendee to list or select hree products or services that the attendee is coming to the show specifically to source. The best shows acquire this information during the registration process and can provide this to its exhibitors a couple of weeks in advance of the show.   For example, let’s assume for a moment that you are a coffee roaster.  At the just completed Coffee Fest show in Chicago, 343 individual attendees said they were coming to the show to source roasted coffee.  Imagine emailing each of the 343 a week or so before the show and saying “we are exhibiting at Coffee Fest Chicago and we have been experimenting with an amazing Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and are super enthusiastic about the coffee we are roasting.  If you happen to be coming to Coffee Fest Chicago we would be honored to have you stop by our booth #217 & 219 sample this coffee and share your feedback.”  How many of those 343 do you think would make a point to come by and try your coffee?  I can’t speak for other shows, but Coffee Fest will give you a list of attendees that have raised their hands and said I’m coming to Coffee Fest to buy what you sell.  We will give this to you weeks before the event for your pre-show marketing.

#2. Send a thank you note to the top ten people you met today before you go to dinner. 
People are impressed by professionals that take the time out of their busy existence to say thank you. The Super Pros in the exhibiting at a trade show arena send thank you notes and they do it before they go to dinner or the bar each night of the exhibition.  Imagine if you and every one of the people representing your company in your booth each day sent a thank you note to each of the top 10 people they met that day, following the completion of the show that day and before they went to dinner. Make an impression immediately!!

#3. Follow up with those that don’t convert before you got home as soon as you get home.
 You met a minimum of ten great prospects each day at the show you just returned from.  You went to the show to acquire customers and you promised prospects that you would follow up.  Now follow through on this promise, immediately.  Super Professionals close business before most of their competition even begins their follow up.  Your company invested important and valuable marketing dollars to get you to that show and they want to pay you serious commission for closing the new business.  Follow up with your prospect immediately.  Solidify the message that your pre-event invitation and on-site thank you note planted, that you are the professional that they want to work with.  Don’t let yourself, your company or your prospects down.  Do it now and don’t just sell, EXCEL.

Its’ as easy as 1, 2, 3.

David Heilbrunn