Past Product Showcase Winners

Mar 05

Holly Barrett

Past Product Showcase Winners

By: Holly Barrett

Past Product Showcase Winners:

NEW YORK - March 2019

People's Choice Award:
Cube Methods - Coffee Ice Machine 250

1st - SAKU tea - Golden Orange Tumeric Latte Blend
2nd - UnCanny Wellness - Barista Blend Hemp CBD Powder
3rd - Milkadamia- Milkadamia Creamers.

1st - Enhanced Beverage Solutions - Nitro Tower
2nd - Cube Methods - Coffee Ice Machine 250
3rd - 1st-line Equipment - Lelit Bianca Manual Brew Pressure Profiling Espresso Machine

LOS ANGELES - August 2018

People's Choice Award:
Tsunami Beverage: Tsunami Energy Concentrates

1st - Just the Cheese: Just the Cheese
2nd - David Rio San Francisco: David Rio Tumeric Latte
3rd - Monin Gourmet Flavorings: Zero Calorie Natural Peach

1st - Bellissimo Coffee Advisors: Bellissimo Digital Downloads
2nd - Enhanced Beverage Solutions: Nitro Infuser
3rd - Brewista®: Brewista Cupping Bowls

DENVER - June 2018

People's Choice Award:
Caskai: Sparkling Cascara Infusion

1st - Caskai: Sparkling Cascara Infusion
2nd - Tsunami Beverage: Tsunami Energy Concentrates
3rd - Barista Pro Shop/J Street Biscuit Co: Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

1st - Klean Kanteen®: TKPro
2nd -Brewista® - Cold Pro 2
3rd - Pacific Bag: Biotre 2.0

BALTIMORE - March 2018

People's Choice Award:
Waffatopia: Caramel Waffaccino Waffle

1st - Caskai: Sparkling Cascara Infusion
2nd - Waffatopia: Caramel Waffaccino Waffle
3rd - Kerry Foodserivce - DaVinci Gourmet: Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

1st - Brewista® - Ratio Scale
2nd - Klean Kanteen®: Klean Coat™
3rd - Fifty/Fifty®: 12 oz Bottle

PORTLAND - October 2017

People's Choice Award:
The Beer Syrup Company: Beer Syrup

1st - 1883 Maison Routin: 1883 Organic Line
2nd - Lyons Magnus: Sweet Indulgence Sauces - Mint Chocolate & Sea Salt
3rd - Milkadamia: Milkadamia - Unsweetened Vanilla

1st - Brewista® - Cold Pro Nitro™
2nd - Leverpresso: Leverpresso
3rd - AFS Product Design: TRIKL

CHICAGO - June 2017

People's Choice Award:
Milkadamia: Latte-Da

1st - Milkadamia: Latte-Da
2nd - Vive Organic: Vive Organic
3rd - PG Fondues: PG Fondues

1st - Silodesign Paris: "à la franҫaise” new pour-over systems
2nd - Espro: Espro Press P3
3rd - It's American Press: American Press

NASHVILLE - March 2017

People's Choice Award:
Monin Gourmet Flavorings: Monin Butter Pecan and Tiramisu Syrups

1st - 1883 Maison Routin: 1883 Spritz Syrup
2nd - TIE:  Milkadamia: Latte-Da & Onnit Labs: Onnit Emulsified MCT Oil
3rd - Smartfruit: Smartfruit

1st - DrinkTanks®: DrinkTanks® Insulated Cups
2nd - Coffee Freshness System: Coffee Freshness System
Featured: oneVessel By Vessel Drinkware: Assorted Copper Insulated Vacuum Stainless Tumbler

ANAHEIM - October 2016

People's Choice Award:
Know Brainer, The Thinker's Creamer: Know Brainer, The Thinker's Creamer

1st - Nutterly: Nutterly Cookie Snaps
2nd - Redd Bar: Redd Superfood Energy Bar
3rd - Cheetons: Coffee Bar Cheese

1st - PerfetCube: PerfectCube
2nd - Espro: Espro Press P5
3rd - Misumaru: Misumaru Coffee Bag Valve
Featured: Tightpac: Coffeevac

DALLAS - June 2016

People's Choice Award:
Pacific Tradewinds Coffee Co.: TexaKona Krackle

1st - Pacific Tradewinds Coffee Co.: TexaKona Krackle
2nd - Dr. Smoothie:  Cafe Essentials
3rd - Monin Gourmet Flavorings: Cookie Butter Syrup

1st - Ghirardelli Chocolate Co.: Maximo Sauce Dispensing System
2nd - Firstbuild: Prisma Cold Brew Coffee Maker
3rd - OneVessel: h2go Nexus

NEW YORK - March 2016

People's Choice Award:
Portable Espresso: Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker

1st - Just Panela: Panela Hand Crafted Sugar
2nd - Earnest Eats: Energized Hot Cereal
3rd - Prana Chai: Prana Chai Agave Blend

1st - Ripples: The Ripple Maker
2nd -  Brewista: Brewista® Cold Pro™ Commercial Cold Brew Coffee System
3rd - MoJoe Brewing Co: MoJoe Mobile Brewer

PORTLAND - October 2015

1st - Holy Kakow Chocolate: Organic Cardamom Syrup
2nd – Caffe D'Vita: Peppermint Blended Iced Coffee
3rd - Earnest Eats: Energized Hot Cereal Cups
1st – Mavam Espresso Machines: Mavam Under Counter Espresso
2nd – Hydro Flask: Wide Mouth with Hydro Flip™ Lid
3rd – Simpli Press Coffee: Simpli Press