Coffee Fest Chicago Spotlight

Apr 14

Erika Lowery

Coffee Fest Chicago Spotlight

By: Erika Lowery


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Apply to Compete at Coffee Fest!
Coffee Fest Chicago Application Deadlines are Approaching for all Competitions 

Latte Art World Championship Open
The Latte Art World Championship Open kicks off at Coffee Fest Chicago this June. Don't miss your chance to compete against the best in this head-to-head bracket-style tournament and take home the Grand Prize of $2,000. The deadline to apply is April 30, 2017.

America's Best Espresso
Flavor complexity, balance, mouthfeel and aftertaste; does your espresso have what it takes to be crowned Americas Best Espresso? The winner will receive the top prize of $2,000 and each of the top three winners earn a seed in the 2017-2018 Grand Championship finale. Applications accepted now until April 30, 2017 for all central region roasters.

America's Best Cold Brew
Roasters are invited to enter either their "traditional still" or "nitrogen infused" cold brew for this head-to-head competition. Coffee Fest attendees alongside a controlled group of blind judges will determine the winners in each of these categories. Does your Cold Brew have what it takes? Submit your application today! The deadline to apply is April 30, 2017.


Purpose Driven Profile Roasting 

pdpr.jpgCustomer expectation for quality and consistency demands that we can no longer roast by sight and smell alone. Today's successful roaster is armed with a clear idea of purpose, a plan for achieving that purpose, knowledge of cupping, and profile roasting to accomplish that purpose. Success as a roaster lies in understanding and controlling the roasting machine to perfectly discover the highest value inherent in the coffee bean. All of this and more will be covered by Miles Small from Diedrich Roasters to give you more insight on what can make you a successful roaster.

Class Schedule:
Sunday: 8:55am - 10:00am
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Presented By: Miles Small, Diedrich Roasters

This is one of the 50 free classes offered at Coffee Fest Chicago and is included in your general admission; show up early to get a great seat.
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Satisfy Your Passion with the Perfect Roast
Diedrich Roasters

diedrich.jpgBuilt on small town values, Diedrich started the same way as many of their customers, who are now acclaimed coffee roasters in the industry. With humble beginnings as a start-up in the family's garage to a renowned global brand, Diedrich designs, crafts and creates coffee roasters to bring excellence in every roast.

A cleaner roasting process is not just good for the environment; it also creates defined taste characteristics and brings out the true quality of the bean. Diedrich's patented infrared burners reduce noxious gas emissions by 50% compared to roasting on a traditional blue flame. Another Diedrich advantage, an efficient design, which reduces operating costs 40%-60%.

Stop by booth #400 at Coffee Fest Chicago to discover more about Diedrich's coffee roasting expertise at your service.
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