Five Steps to Drive-Thru Success: Part 4

Jul 21

Sarah Hoxsie

Five Steps to Drive-Thru Success: Part 4

By: Sarah Hoxsie

Last week, we posted Part 3 of Five Steps to Drive-Thru Success. This week, we'll be talking about your menu. Click here to read the rest of the articles in this series.

Step Four: Menu

Creating a menu can be one of the most challenging aspects of your business. When doing so keep in mind that a menu is an extension of your brand and should reflect the values and ideals you have set up. Some tips for creating the perfect menu include:

  • Your menu should include many visuals and/or minimal text & pricing
  • Minimize the items on your menu, don’t list of every item that you carry! Most customers will go to a coffee shop with an idea in mind. A menu should entice a customer to try something new or add an item to their regular order.
  • Drive-thru menus are unique to café menus in that you want to entice customers to order quickly.
  • Do not overwhelm your customer with too much information or options
  • Menu should represent your brand and be different from the competitor
  • Menu should include 80% beverages and 20% food items

Lastly, your menu should highlight and entice customers to order items with the highest profit margins. Focusing on this aspect will increase your margins efficiently. 

Adapted from a Coffee Fest New York 2020 seminar, presented by Mike Miller of Dillanos Coffee Roasters.