Five Steps to Drive-Thru Success: Part 5

Jul 28

Sarah Hoxsie

Five Steps to Drive-Thru Success: Part 5

By: Sarah Hoxsie

Fifth Step: Build a Team

Finally, building a skilled team will increase customer satisfaction and lead to more revenue. When hiring new team members consider your businesses culture, personality over skill, and positive character traits. Those you hire should be excited to work for your brand and remember technical skills can be learned. Finding employees that fit your brand will help maintain employee satisfaction, create a strong team environment, all while upholding the standards your present.

When interviewing candidates some strategies to consider are group interviews, early morning interviews, and challenging interviews. Interviewing early in the morning will help you determine how a candidate will function during your peak hours, while challenging them will allow you to see if they align with your brand and values. A great question to ask prospects is “Why do you want to work for my company?” Asking important questions like this will help a hiring manager gauge the level of interest and brand knowledge.

Once hired, implementing an effective training program will set the bar for new employees and allow them to understand your expectations and culture.

Include the following areas in your training program:

Culture Foundation:

  • Make sure that your team is constantly aware of the Culture
  • Create Buy-In opportunity’s (have fun, do bar time competitions and throw-downs)
  • Pick a book/podcast that everyone is to read or listen to

Customer Service:

  • Quality product goes along way, but it is necessary to include quality customer service
  • Reinforce the importance of Customer service.
  • Consumers rank good customer service and convenience #1. (quality of product and pricing are ranked low).
  • Roleplay with the baristas (Include emphasis on efficiency and customer service)

Coffee Foundation:

  • History of coffee, origin details, roasting.
  • 20-man hours to produce a cup of coffee.
  • Baristas are the ambassadors and last line in a long labor of love journey to keep the coffee quality high and as the ambassador it is your responsibility to showcase this coffee in the highest possible light, otherwise you are letting down the 100+ people that have worked so hard to get the coffee to you!
  • Train the barista on efficient practices and to have an eye for quality coffee.

Technical Skill:

  • Espresso extraction
  • Dialing in espresso
  • Milk steaming
  • Latte art
  • Customer service under pressure
  • Equipment knowledge

Bar Flow:

  • Enhance efficiency behind the bar
  • Show how they can be a compatible coworker
  • Learn the “Barista Dance”

Include a follow up training for new hires:

  • 3 months to train for drive thru, 6 months for café.
  • Follow up evaluation after 3 months. Many questions during that time and we don’t want them to revert back to bad habits.

Implement continuous training for existing employees:

  • Create internal specialized training programs.
  • Bring in new faces to train.
  • Quarterly examinations.

Offer Upward Leadership Opportunities:

  • Move top performers into roles that highlight their strengths.
  • Offer trips to top performers (Coffee Fest, trip to roaster, etc.)
  • Parking, cell phone stipend, etc.
  • Get Creative, Summer BBQ, Gym memberships, wine/beer/spirits tasting tours, audible accounts, etc.
  • It will save you money to invest in your current staff vs. hiring new staff!