Foundational Leadership & Culture in the Hospitality Industry


Presented by Lee Safar, MAP IT FORWARD & Elixir Coffee Company

NEW! At Coffee Fest in 2020

Leadership is not optional when you run or manage your business. Coffee Fest has listened to the thousands of people who have attended over the years and is bringing to you an all-day interactive learning experience focused on leadership, success and culture. Being intentional as a leader, understanding leadership style, and brainstorming with other leaders are only a few topics of conversation designed for you. This all day workshop is designed specifically for the hospitality industry and brought to you Lee Safar, founder of MAP IT FORWARD & Elixir Specialty Coffee. This hands-on experience you will find only at Coffee Fest and an investment that will deliver immediate ROI with your teams and deliver results in your business. Lunch is included in this workshop.

Join Lee as she provides a jam-packed day of leadership skill-building, networking, quizzes, and how leadership shows up directly in the coffee industry in the front and back office and Q&A.

Date: Monday, March 9
TIme: 8:00AM - 4:00PM
Location:  Javits Center, 1A03 near Hall A
Cost: $179, includes lunch


Introduction: Leadership is a Journey (20 mins) 8:00am - 8:20am
Getting to know the room & defining expectations for attendees

Session 1: The Business of Hospitality (1 Hr) 8:20 - 9:20am
In this session we'll: 
• Define the perspectives of the stakeholders in the hospitality industry
• Explore the cultural & generational landscapes that span between employees & employers
• Navigate barriers to entry and how they contribute to compounding the challenges of leadership for leaders and employees alike

Session 2: Leadership Styles and the Cultures They Cultivate (2.5 Hrs) 9:20am - 11:50am
In this session we'll:
• Define the characteristics of great leaders
• Complete a personality type questionnaire 
• Explore three leadership styles that dominate the hospitality industry
• Demonstrate clear examples of those leadership styles
• Identify the cultures that naturally evolve from those leadership styles
• Uncover a hidden 4th leadership style
Exercise & Discussion- Define your current workplace culture

LUNCH (45 mins) 11:50pm - 12:35pm

Session 3: What Kind of Leader am I? (1.5 Hrs) 12:35pm - 2:05pm
In this session we'll:
• Group Discussion: Discuss our self-assessment from session two and explore the results within the group
• Worksheet & Discussion: Self identify characteristics within three main leadership styles outlined in session 2 and discuss ways that those characteristics can be cultivated further or replaced moving forward.

Session 4: The Different Perspectives of Leadership (1 Hrs) 2:05pm - 3:05pm
In this session we'll:
Role-play different styles of leadership from the differing perspectives each of the stakeholders in each scenario

Session 5: Taking Action in Your Real World (55 Mins) 3:05pm - 4:00pm
How to apply what you've learned in the real world using specific examples from your workplaces and implementing the tools you’ve learned to approach those same situations differently

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lee-safar_300x250.jpgLEE SAFAR
Lee is the founder of MAP IT FORWARD and the CEO of Elixir Specialty Coffee Inc. An 18-year veteran of the Australian Specialty Coffee industry, Lee is now based in San Diego, California where she runs both businesses and records daily episodes of The MAP IT FORWARD Podcast featuring guests from around the world specializing in all sectors of the coffee value chain. Lee travels the world doing professional business and career development focused workshops and consultations for the global coffee industry.

Lee has a bachelors degree in Science (Genetics) from the University of NSW, an associate diploma in counseling and interpersonal relationships, extensive experience in project management and business analysis in the corporate sector, and was a releasing music artist and record label owner.

We are always amazed at the amount of quality people we meet at your shows, and at how downright enjoyable the staff and atmosphere are.

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