US Cold Brew Competition Registration - New York - 2020

US Cold Brew Competition Registration - New York - 2020


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This application is for consideration only. Completed application submissions must be received by the application deadline. All applicants will be notified immediately following the application deadline regarding their acceptance into the competition. Competitors and one support person will receive complimentary show badges.

Please note for competitors not exhibiting within the trade show (booth may not be shared and must be in the same name as the competitors company) a $300 entry fee is required. Payment is due upon acceptance.

If a competitor is to pull out of the competition or is not present for their presentation, a "no-show" will be set against their record and may impact future competing opportunities. Efforts will be made to fill the spot with the next highest qualified applicant.
We are always amazed at the amount of quality people we meet at your shows, and at how downright enjoyable the staff and atmosphere are.

Eric Girard - Cafe Kreyol