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LaToya Cook-Bradley

LaToya Cook-Bradley

LaToya Cook-Bradley

LaToya owned and operated Coffee & Cream in her hometown in the early 2000's leaving it behind when she relocated to Louisville Kentucky.

She along with her husband's support now owns and operates 2 locations of Brew and Sip.

The original store Brew and Sip Coffee Bar is located in a suburb named West Buechel. Alphonza runs this location which has been labeled the religious group cafe.

The second larger location is LaToya's "People's cafe" where just about any and everything can and will happen.

Both have corporate backgrounds and decided that during the protests and early covid-19 disruption to everyone's lives to add to their catering company by opening a coffee shop that would function as a safe space for conversation and collaboration. The journey has been interesting, to say the least! Educating local black and brown people about coffee has become a passionate lifestyle.

Stop in any time.

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