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Coffee Fest New York 2025

March 23-25, 2025 Javits Center

Invite your customers to Coffee Fest New York with a discount!

This is the most effective way to draw traffic to your booth and take conversations to the next level. Give your customers your unique code or provide them with the direct link that comes with a special code to offer your customers 50% off a General Admission ticket.

Invite individual customers in the Exhibitor Hub through the "Invite a Customer" feature and you can download any of the following size graphics to share with your network:

  • Instagram Post Graphic - 1080x1080
  • Facebook Post Graphic - 1200x628
  • Small Graphic - 500x150 (Perfect to add to your email signature or existing email blasts)

Once your customers have registered using your company's unique promotional code/link, you'll have real-time access to this information, allowing you to set appointments, and make special product offers in advance of the show.

Not able to access the Exhibitor Hub? You can use code EXH2024 to offer customers the same offer, but please note you will not be able to track who registers through your invite.


Contact our Exhibitor Services team at coffeefest.es@clarionevents.com

Example of your Customer Graphics

We're Exhibiting at Coffee Fest New York Exhibitor Graphic - 500x150

Banner Ad - 500x150

We're Exhibiting at Coffee Fest New York - 1200x628

Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter - 1200x628

We're Exhibiting at Coffee Fest New York Exhibitor Graphic - 1080x1080

Instagram - 1080x1080