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Jean Brillman

Jean Brillman

Jean Brillman

On her 11th birthday, White Horse Coffee founder, Jean Brillman, received the very best present a horse-crazy kid could get...a white pony named Peppermint Patty. That was just the beginning of a life-long obsession with horses. Spending many long days at horse shows with no decent coffee, is how the idea behind the White Horse brand was born.

Starting with the coffee truck in 2017, Jean primarily went to horse shows and private events serving her coffee, espresso, and ice cream combo menu. In 2018, while taking a walk through Jenkintown PA, she came across a beautiful space with a For Rent sign and knew that this was the perfect space for the brick and mortar version of the truck. After doing a lot of research and discovering that Jenkintown did not have a coffee shop or ice cream shop, she and her husband secured the space and the White Horse Coffee & Creamery cafe was born.

In March 2021, Jean started roasting her own coffee and by September had grown so much that White Horse further expanded to an additional location housing a USDA organic roaster and sustainable marketplace. White Horse coffee is not only specialty grade, USDA organic and fair trade, but also sustainably roasted on a zero-emissions, all electric roaster which reduces the carbon footprint of coffee by 90%! It is also packaged in compostable bags and always micro-roasted in small 6lb batches.

Although the White Horse Coffee brand was founded from a love of horses, its mission has evolved to focus on sustainability and environmental awareness. Jean and her team are committed to environmentally responsible, organic coffee roasting and packaging, as well as offering various other sustainably focused products within their new Roastery & Sustainable Marketplace. She is also passionate about helping new & future coffee shop owners navigate the complex process of starting up their business.

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