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Getting to see the industry's newest products is one of the reasons why retailers come to Coffee Fest show after show. New Products have entered the market within the past eight months or will be entering within the next three months. Featured Products are special or outstanding products that a Coffee Fest Exhibitor is choosing to highlight throughout the show. Our Product Preview Showcases sit proudly on display in a designated area throughout each show for our attendees to view.

Be sure to cast your ballot for "Best of Fest" and make your voice heard. Check out the Product Showcases and visit the participating exhibitors on the show floor to help you determine who deserves the People's vote. Ballots will be provided when you collect your show badge and must be turned in by 5:00pm on Day 2 to be eligible. The winner of the People's Choice Award will be presented at 12:00pm on the last day of the show. Make your vote count!

Past Product Winners:

LOS ANGELES - August 2018

People's Choice Award:
Tsunami Beverage: Tsunami Energy Concentrates

1st - Just the Cheese: Just the Cheese
2nd - David Rio San Francisco: David Rio Tumeric Latte
3rd - Monin Gourmet Flavorings: Zero Calorie Natural Peach

1st - Bellissimo Coffee Advisors: Bellissimo Digital Downloads
2nd - Enhanced Beverage Solutions: Nitro Infuser
3rd - Brewista®: Brewista Cupping Bowls

DENVER - June 2018

People's Choice Award:
Caskai: Sparkling Cascara Infusion

1st - Caskai: Sparkling Cascara Infusion
2nd - Tsunami Beverage: Tsunami Energy Concentrates
3rd - Barista Pro Shop/J Street Biscuit Co: Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

1st - Klean Kanteen®: TKPro
2nd -Brewista® - Cold Pro 2
3rd - Pacific Bag: Biotre 2.0

BALTIMORE - March 2018

People's Choice Award:
Waffatopia: Caramel Waffaccino Waffle

1st - Caskai: Sparkling Cascara Infusion
2nd - Waffatopia: Caramel Waffaccino Waffle
3rd - Kerry Foodserivce - DaVinci Gourmet: Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

1st - Brewista® - Ratio Scale
2nd - Klean Kanteen®: Klean Coat™
3rd - Fifty/Fifty®: 12 oz Bottle

PORTLAND - October 2017

People's Choice Award:
The Beer Syrup Company: Beer Syrup

1st - 1883 Maison Routin: 1883 Organic Line
2nd - Lyons Magnus: Sweet Indulgence Sauces - Mint Chocolate & Sea Salt
3rd - Milkadamia: Milkadamia - Unsweetened Vanilla

1st - Brewista® - Cold Pro Nitro™
2nd - Leverpresso: Leverpresso
3rd - AFS Product Design: TRIKL

CHICAGO - June 2017

People's Choice Award:
Milkadamia: Latte-Da

1st - Milkadamia: Latte-Da
2nd - Vive Organic: Vive Organic
3rd - PG Fondues: PG Fondues

1st - Silodesign Paris: "à la franҫaise” new pour-over systems
2nd - Espro: Espro Press P3
3rd - It's American Press: American Press

NASHVILLE - March 2017

People's Choice Award:
Monin Gourmet Flavorings: Monin Butter Pecan and Tiramisu Syrups

1st - 1883 Maison Routin: 1883 Spritz Syrup
2nd - TIE:  Milkadamia: Latte-Da & Onnit Labs: Onnit Emulsified MCT Oil
3rd - Smartfruit: Smartfruit

1st - DrinkTanks®: DrinkTanks® Insulated Cups
2nd - Coffee Freshness System: Coffee Freshness System
Featured: oneVessel By Vessel Drinkware: Assorted Copper Insulated Vacuum Stainless Tumbler

ANAHEIM - October 2016

People's Choice Award:
Know Brainer, The Thinker's Creamer: Know Brainer, The Thinker's Creamer

1st - Nutterly: Nutterly Cookie Snaps
2nd - Redd Bar: Redd Superfood Energy Bar
3rd - Cheetons: Coffee Bar Cheese

1st - PerfetCube: PerfectCube
2nd - Espro: Espro Press P5
3rd - Misumaru: Misumaru Coffee Bag Valve
Featured: Tightpac: Coffeevac

DALLAS - June 2016

People's Choice Award:
Pacific Tradewinds Coffee Co.: TexaKona Krackle

1st - Pacific Tradewinds Coffee Co.: TexaKona Krackle
2nd - Dr. Smoothie:  Cafe Essentials
3rd - Monin Gourmet Flavorings: Cookie Butter Syrup

1st - Ghirardelli Chocolate Co.: Maximo Sauce Dispensing System
2nd - Firstbuild: Prisma Cold Brew Coffee Maker
3rd - OneVessel: h2go Nexus

NEW YORK - March 2016

People's Choice Award:
Portable Espresso: Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker

1st - Just Panela: Panela Hand Crafted Sugar
2nd - Earnest Eats: Energized Hot Cereal
3rd - Prana Chai: Prana Chai Agave Blend

1st - Ripples: The Ripple Maker
2nd -  Brewista: Brewista® Cold Pro™ Commercial Cold Brew Coffee System
3rd - MoJoe Brewing Co: MoJoe Mobile Brewer

PORTLAND - October 2015

1st - Holy Kakow Chocolate: Organic Cardamom Syrup
2nd – Caffe D'Vita: Peppermint Blended Iced Coffee
3rd - Earnest Eats: Energized Hot Cereal Cups
1st – Mavam Espresso Machines: Mavam Under Counter Espresso
2nd – Hydro Flask: Wide Mouth with Hydro Flip™ Lid
3rd – Simpli Press Coffee: Simpli Press

Coffee Fest has consistently been our most profitable show. As a technology provider, we like people to get hands-on with our product and Coffee Fest allows us to do that every time...

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