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Getting to see the industry's newest products is one of the reasons why retailers come to Coffee Fest show after show. The Product Preview Showcases will draw attention to exhibiting vendor's products in two categories: New Products and Featured Products. New Products have entered the market within the past eight months or will be entering within the next three months. Featured Products are special or outstanding products that a Coffee Fest Exhibitor is choosing to highlight throughout the show. Our Product Preview Showcases sit proudly on display in Coffee Fest's registration lobby throughout each show for our attendees to view, even before setting foot on the exhibition show floor.

Be sure to cast your ballot for "Best of Fest" and make your voice heard. Check out the Product Showcases and visit the participating exhibitors on the show floor to help you determine who deserves the People's vote. Ballots will be provided when you collect your show badge and must be turned in by 5:00pm on Saturday to be eligible. The winner of the People's Choice Award will be presented at 12:00pm on Sunday. Make your vote count!


1883-brownie_270x270.jpg1883 Maison Routin 
Booth #1803

Brownie Syrup - For more than 130 years, 1883 Maison Routin has strived to demonstrate its expertise in the field of beverage flavoring. Created in the heart of the French Alps, 1883 premium syrups benefit from an exceptional natural environment, one favorable to preserving aromas, and bringing flavors to life. With a heritage of craftsmanship, 1883 is unrivaled in the commitment to flavor authenticity and innovation, purity of taste, and aromatic intensity which we acheive through the selection of the best ingredients. Because of our commitment to flavor authenticity and innovation, 1883 is launching 4 new syrups: Brownie, Tarragon, Falernum and Cayenne Pepper.

Karma Kafe
Booth #1717

Karma Kafe - Karma Kafe provides competitively priced, premium 'Super Food' boosts and blends which include: Vegan Proteins, Keto-Friendly Creamers, Grass-Fed Collagen Powders, Vegan Matcha Latte, and over 25 other Super Food Blends. Private label also available. 

Dr. Smoothie
Booth #1806

Dr. Smoothie® Refreshers Watermelon Cucumber Mint  - Crisp cucumber blended with sweet watermelon finished with a hint of mint! Dr. Smoothie® Refreshers are made with real fruit juice, pure cane sugar and Stevia. Plus, they’re lightly caffeinated with green coffee extract for a natural source of energy.

Enhanced Beverage Solutions
Booth #2055

Nitro Infuser - Using the strategic technology of a four-stage infusion process, the Nitro Infuserby Enhanced Beverage Solutions empowers kegerators to consistently pour the perfect nitro cold brew time after time. The Nitro Infuser mixes the cold brew with high-pressure nitrogen just before exiting the faucet, eliminating the need to pre-charge kegs while improving the yield of keg and quality of beverage. Simply attach the infuser from kep to tap and youre ready to establish your tap culture.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
Booth #1713

Ghirardelli Premium Vanilla Sauce - An exceptional product harnessing the beauty and essence of one of nature's most sophisticated flavors—Ghirardelli's Vanilla Sauce made with real vanilla is perfected for the ULTIMATE VANILLA LATTE. Creamier and bolder than vanilla syrups, Ghirardelli's Vanilla Sauce is velvety smooth and incredibly aromatic!  As Ghirardelli's Chocolate Sauce builds richer mochas than chocolate syrups, Ghirardelli's Vanilla Sauce delivers lattes with superior mouthfeel to vanilla syrups. Ghirardelli's Vanilla Sauce contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Peerless Coffee & Tea
Booth # 1901

Peerless Micro Reserve - In our pursuit of the world's most unique and sought after small-lot coffees, we are proud to present our new Peerless Micro Reserve retail coffee collection. Small-batch, craft roasted on our vintage Probat flame roaster, our six item line or rare & exotic, award winning coffees, is available at select Premier retailers.

New Products

bellissimo_digital-downloads_270.jpgBellissimo Coffee Advisors
Booth #1723

Bellissimo Digital Downloads - Continuing the mission to help you succeed in the coffee business Bellissimo Coffee Advisors is now offering Business Plan and Employee Handbook templates. Each is designed specifically for retail coffee businesses. Created and refined by experts in both retail coffee and human resources, these templates are perfect for your retail coffee operation. Delivered as a templated document, our downloads are fully customizable to fit your unique needs. 

Booth #1920

Brewista Cupping Bowls - Brewista Cupping Bowls are designed to meet cupping protocols set by the Statistics & Standards Committee of the SCA. Made of durable, high quality porcelain, these cupping bowls retain heat better than glass or plastic and are built to last. Each bowl includes a porcelain lid to cover the freshly ground coffee. Lighter colored coffee will often be judged as having a lighter taste when sampled from a white or light colored cupping bowl. Brewista Cupping Bowls are glazed black inside and out to negate visual taste influence! Perhaps best of all, Brewista Cupping Bowls can be laser engraved with a roaster or coffee shop logo! No minimum order quantity! Interior opening diameter of 3.25” with a capacity of 8 ounces (235 ml). Available at

Booth #1920

Brewista Smart Pour Frothing Pitchers - Brewista’s Smart Pour Frothing Pitchers provide the precise advantage when it comes to making perfect latte art. Laser welded handles are perfectly aligned with competition inspired spouts (+/- 0.5mm tolerance) to deliver perfect pours every time. Solid stainless steel construction with durable coatings. Material at handle top is thicker for better comfort and control. Accurately etched measurement lines ensure consistent pours and minimize waste. Promote your brand with a laser etched shop or company logo! No minimum order quantities. 20 oz. size available in black, white and stainless. 12 oz. available in stainless. Innovations in frothing pitchers you wouldn’t expect from anyone but Brewista. Available at

caffeedvita_270x270.jpgCaffe D'Vita
Booth #1906

Baristatude Simply Mocha Latte - Are you looking for a delicious latte that's easy to make, has fewer ingredients, and is consistent every time? Baristatude Simply Mocha Latte is our new clean deck powder made specifically for you! We offer a shorter ingredient deck as well as peace of mind in what you're serving your customers. Made with only 5 ingredients, our new line of Baristatude Simply Lattes will give you the aility to make an effortlessly delicious drink. Simply perfect every time - aristatude Simply Mocha. 

davidrio_tumeric_200x200.jpgDavid Rio San Francisco 
Booth #2027

David Rio Tumeric Latte - Organic spice blend of turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper & cayenne pepper and organic cane sugar. David Rio Turmeric Latte spice blend to 6 ounces of milk or milk alternative and enjoy your David Rio Turmeric Latte. 

erin-bakers_carrot-cake-cookie_270x270.jpgErin Baker's Wholesome Baked Goods
Table Top #17

Breakfast Cookies - Carrot Cake - Our Breakfast Cookies are packed with plant-based energy, protein and fiber-perfect for life on the go! Always freshly baked with whole grain oats and sweetened with fruit while leaving out preservatives, flavorings and anything artificial. It's Not Just A Cookie...It's a Meal!

evergreen-chai_chai_270x270.jpgEvergreen Chai
Booth #2102

Golden Chai - Blend up a heavenly golden chai with your favorite milk ad experience the benefits of turmeric, ginger, and peppercorn. The herbal extracts enclosed have been delicately steamed and dried to preserve their potency and delightful flavor. Lightly sweetened with Paleo, low-glycemic, organic palm sugar. Caffeine Free. 

ghiradelli_saltedcaramelsauce_270x270.jpgGhirardelli Chocolate Company
Booth #1713

Ghirardelli Premium Sea Salt Caramel Sauce - Gorgeously rich and complex, Ghirardelli's Sea Salt Caramel Sauce elevates any sweet creation. The perfect combination of an intense buttery caramel enhanced by a touch of savory sea salt creates an experience that's indulgent and balanced. Ghirardelli's Sea Salt Caramel Sauce is made with REAL CARAMEL - thick, buttery, and creamy. It delivers exceptional flavor AND mouthfeel. The versatile sauce elevates everything, from frappe’s, milkshakes and beverage decorating! 

best-whip_n2-charger_270x270.jpgGourmet Innovations
Booth #2100

Best Whip N2 Nitro Chargers - NEW Best Whip Nitrogen Chargers! Infusing nitrogen into small-batch cold brew coffee brings forth a naturally sweetened, cascading crema to your coffee experience. Developed and manufactured in our cutting-edge facility, our N2 Chargers provide a 2g charge of N2 gas per 500 ml of cold brew coffee. The result is a potent, smooth, low-acidity brew-no ice or cream required-in only 60 seconds.

Booth #2147

JoeFroyo Clean Label Creamer delivers on functionality with six probiotics to enhance your day. We also left out the stuff you don't want - lactose, gluten, added sugar and weird, unpronouncable chemical preservatives. That’s right, the only lactose free, probiotic creamer in the world!

just-the-cheese_270x270.jpgJust the Cheese
Booth #1649

Just the Cheese - 100% All-Natural Wisconsin Cheese-NOTHING ELSE! Low Carb Crunch! Less than 1g Carbs per Serving. Protein and Calcium Rich. Top 100 product on all of Amazon Grocery. 

kerry_coldbrewconcentrate_270x270.jpgKerry Foods
Booth #1700

DaVinci Gourmet Cold Brew Concentrate - This is the Shelf Stable, Easy Preparation and Preservative Free way to offer your consumers one of the hottest trends in foodservice. Just add water for smooth, less bitter cold brew coffee that’s rich in flavor and ready anytime you need it. Dilute each 32-oz carton using a 7:1 ratio to yield 2 gallons. Medium Roast made from 100% Arabica Blend of Colombian & Brazilian beans. Add water instead of time and you’ll add to your bottom line.

Booth #2001

Milkadamia Coffee Creamer - Uniquely made from raw, not roasted, nuts for a smooth, creamy taste in your coffee.

monin_zcnfpeach_270x270.jpgMonin Gourmet Flavorings
Booth #1637

Zero Calorie Natural Peach  - Made with an exclusive blend of sweeteners, Monin Zero Calorie Natural Peach adds full flavor and sweetness to teas, lemonades, sodas and more without any sugar, calories or artificial ingredients. Monin Zero Calorie Natural Flavorings are the first product of its kind on the market!

peerless_cold-brew-concentrate_270x270.jpgPeerless Coffee & Tea
Booth # 1901

Organic Handcrafted Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate - Peerless has developed a Cold Brew product worthy of the distinction "specialty" with our Organic Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. Using coffees from farmer-partners in Indonesia, Honduras and Ethiopia, our four-time Golden Bean award-winning certified organic Cold Brew, is available in 32 oz. for retail. Tasting Notes: Semisweet Chocolate, Nutmeg, Full Body. 

perkypowders_superfoods-powder_270x270.jpgPerky Powders
Table Top #2

Perky Powder Original & Collagen - Perky Powder a superfood coffee enhancer. The Perks of using perky: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant support, improves cognative function, pro-biotics and more. 

Booth #1837

ProSeries - New Pro Series 10 & 20! Featuring 10 and 20-gallon stainless steel brewing vessels, a threadless dispensing valve, and compostable filters. 

Booth #1621

Torani Pistachio Syrup - With a rich aroma, Torani Pistachio Syrup captures the taste of the earthy, complex nut. Made with pure cane sugar and natural flavors, this syrup was crafted to perfectly balance in the finished beverage, whether a cold brew, latte or mocha.

Booth #2145

Tosi Super Bites, Single Serving - Vegan, organic and gluten-free snack. Now available in a 1-ounce, single-serving. 

tsunami.jpgTsunami Energy Drink
Booth #2050

Tsunami Energy Drink - Tsunami Energy Concentrates, the newest and most cost effective way to offer energy drinks in your café. Stop by booth #2050 to sample our Tsunami Red, Yella and Zero product flavors. Tsunami Energy proudly participates with 1% for the Planet.

wildgoose_270x270.jpgWild Goose Coffee Roasters/Pack Plus, Inc.
Booth #1613 & Booth #2026

Wild Goose Coffee Roasters 12 oz. Bottom Bag with E-Zip - Wild Goose Coffee Roasters (Redlands, CA) and Pack Plus (Chino, CA) annouce the latest branding concept and bag design. This square bottom sealable bag with E-Zip makes for an outstanding customer experience while also providgin maxiumum style and space for roasters' branding. Available in matte, gloss or combinations of the two. Boost your brand image today!


Tipu's Chai
Booth #1932

Tipu's Chai - Tipu's Chai starts every recipe true to India, whether a regional specialty or straight from our founder's family. Delivered dry without preservatives, improved sustainability, and easy storage. Add water to our tea and spice mix to create your own concentrate. 


alto_filters_270x270.jpgAlto Cold Brew
Booth #2120

Alto Cold Brew Filters - Our patent-pending specialty cold brew filters are elevating the craft of cold brew. They are durable, have no negative impacts on taste, filter the finest particles, absorb the bitter oils and are super-easy to clean. Stop by our booth to see for yourself. 

big-train_horchata_270x270.jpgKerry Foodservice
Booth #1700

Big Train Horchata - Discover a new favorite with Big Train’s VIVAZ™ Horchata Drink Mix, a sweet, Mexican-style cinnamon-spiked beverage. Our creamy VIVAZ (pronounced “vee-vaz”) Horchata base starts with nonfat milk and real sugar. We add rice flour for a traditional horchata and sprinkle it with cinnamon and other natural flavors. Enjoy our delicious horchata mix on its own, or top with whipped cream for an indulgent finish. Our VIVAZ Horchata Drink Mix is full of rich flavor, is caffeine-free, and contains no hydrogenated oils or trans fats. Kosher-Dairy certified.

kerry_bluerasp_270x270.jpgKerry Foodservice
Booth #1700

DaVinci Gourmet Classic Blue Raspberry Syrup - Add the iconic tart & tangy flavor of DaVinci Gourmet® Classic Blue Raspberry Syrup to create bold, bright whimsical beverages. This syrup is sweetened with pure cane sugar—not high fructose corn syrup. And it’s not just for slushies; add to lemonades, energy drinks, mocktails and cocktails. Wake up your beverage menu with a splash of color and confectionery fun!

kerryfoodservice_spiced-cranberry-_200x200.jpgKerry Foodservice
Booth #1700

DaVinci Gourmet Fruit Innovations Cranberry Spice Syrup - Quench your thirst and refresh your taste buds with this deliciously tart with a touch of cinnamon - Cranberry Spice syrup from DaVinci Gourmet. All our Fruit Innovations syrups are specially formulated to mix easily into cold drinks for refreshing fruit flavor in every sip. At DaVinci Gourmet, we craft each of our offerings with the finest ingredients - pure cane sugar and fresh-tasting cranberry juice for authentic fruit flavor. Try our cranberry spice syrup in teas, lemonades, sodas, cocktails and mocktails to create your own signature drinks.

kerry_glazedcinnbun_270x270.jpgKerry Foodservice
Booth #1700

DaVinci Gourmet Naturals Glazed Cinnamon Bun Syrup - Indulge your taste buds with a tempting cinnamon bun glazed with vanilla cream cheese frosting. Now you can bring that mouthwatering, fresh from the oven flavor to your beverage menu. Your customers will thank you for all the indulgent drink creations you will be able to offer! Made with natural ingredients, including Real Cane Sugar, and contains no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

oregonchai_feaured.jpgKerry Foodservice
Booth #1700

Oregon Chai Super Concentrates - Bold, Adventurous, Sweet & Spicy. Our Extra Spicy Super Concentrate features our beloved signature blend of black tea with an extra dose of chai spices for even more authentic flavor. Just add milk to this 5:1 dairy-to-chai ratio and shelf stable concentrate. Stop by booth 1700 or the Campfire Area for a taste and a free sample today!

sakutea_ruby-cocoa-beetroot-latte_270x270.jpgSAKU Tea
Booth #2015

Ruby Cocoa - Beetroot Latte Blend - Ruby Cocoa features the nourshing benefits of beet root and raw cocoa in a rich, velvety blend with aromatic cardamom and cinnamon. Together they provide a combination of eathy and chocolaty flavors that are naturally sweet and delicious. SAKU creates innovative powdered latte blends featuring nourishing superfoods and adaptogenic botanicals.

Booth #1704

Smartfruit - While most smoothie mixes and syrups out there are loaded with added sugars and additives, Smartfruit Purees are made with 100% Non-Gmo Real Fruit, with no added sugar, additives or artificial colors or flavors. Each flavor is enhanced with a unique superfood powerhouse like Omega-3's, Antioxidants, Oat Fiber, Elevtrolytes, Detoxifiers, and other goodies to help you and your customers sustain a healthy lifestyle. 

Booth #1712

Sonofresco is a U.S. manufacturer of commercial-grade coffee roasting equipment, profiling software and supplier of specialty grade green beans packaged in 20 or 50 pound quantities. Ask about our "Build A Box", lease to own and show special options. 

tightpac-2-2.jpgTightpac America Inc.
Booth #1727

Coffeevac V - Professional series Coffeevac V has a patented degassing system for freshly goasted coffee to degas and breathe, maintaining long-term freshness by creating a vacuum seal eacha nd every time the vac is closed. The Coffeevac V is able to keep coffee fresher for longer than any other container.

Past Product Winners:

DENVER - June 2018

People's Choice Award:
Caskai: Sparkling Cascara Infusion

1st - Caskai: Sparkling Cascara Infusion
2nd - Tsunami Beverage: Tsunami Energy Concentrates
3rd - Barista Pro Shop/J Street Biscuit Co: Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

1st - Klean Kanteen®: TKPro
2nd -Brewista® - Cold Pro 2
3rd - Pacific Bag: Biotre 2.0

BALTIMORE - March 2018

People's Choice Award:
Waffatopia: Caramel Waffaccino Waffle

1st - Caskai: Sparkling Cascara Infusion
2nd - Waffatopia: Caramel Waffaccino Waffle
3rd - Kerry Foodserivce - DaVinci Gourmet: Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

1st - Brewista® - Ratio Scale
2nd - Klean Kanteen®: Klean Coat™
3rd - Fifty/Fifty®: 12 oz Bottle

PORTLAND - October 2017

People's Choice Award:
The Beer Syrup Company: Beer Syrup

1st - 1883 Maison Routin: 1883 Organic Line
2nd - Lyons Magnus: Sweet Indulgence Sauces - Mint Chocolate & Sea Salt
3rd - Milkadamia: Milkadamia - Unsweetened Vanilla

1st - Brewista® - Cold Pro Nitro™
2nd - Leverpresso: Leverpresso
3rd - AFS Product Design: TRIKL

CHICAGO - June 2017

People's Choice Award:
Milkadamia: Latte-Da

1st - Milkadamia: Latte-Da
2nd - Vive Organic: Vive Organic
3rd - PG Fondues: PG Fondues

1st - Silodesign Paris: "à la franҫaise” new pour-over systems
2nd - Espro: Espro Press P3
3rd - It's American Press: American Press

NASHVILLE - March 2017

People's Choice Award:
Monin Gourmet Flavorings: Monin Butter Pecan and Tiramisu Syrups

1st - 1883 Maison Routin: 1883 Spritz Syrup
2nd - TIE:  Milkadamia: Latte-Da & Onnit Labs: Onnit Emulsified MCT Oil
3rd - Smartfruit: Smartfruit

1st - DrinkTanks®: DrinkTanks® Insulated Cups
2nd - Coffee Freshness System: Coffee Freshness System
Featured: oneVessel By Vessel Drinkware: Assorted Copper Insulated Vacuum Stainless Tumbler

ANAHEIM - October 2016

People's Choice Award:
Know Brainer, The Thinker's Creamer: Know Brainer, The Thinker's Creamer

1st - Nutterly: Nutterly Cookie Snaps
2nd - Redd Bar: Redd Superfood Energy Bar
3rd - Cheetons: Coffee Bar Cheese

1st - PerfetCube: PerfectCube
2nd - Espro: Espro Press P5
3rd - Misumaru: Misumaru Coffee Bag Valve
Featured: Tightpac: Coffeevac

DALLAS - June 2016

People's Choice Award:
Pacific Tradewinds Coffee Co.: TexaKona Krackle

1st - Pacific Tradewinds Coffee Co.: TexaKona Krackle
2nd - Dr. Smoothie:  Cafe Essentials
3rd - Monin Gourmet Flavorings: Cookie Butter Syrup

1st - Ghirardelli Chocolate Co.: Maximo Sauce Dispensing System
2nd - Firstbuild: Prisma Cold Brew Coffee Maker
3rd - OneVessel: h2go Nexus

NEW YORK - March 2016

People's Choice Award:
Portable Espresso: Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker

1st - Just Panela: Panela Hand Crafted Sugar
2nd - Earnest Eats: Energized Hot Cereal
3rd - Prana Chai: Prana Chai Agave Blend

1st - Ripples: The Ripple Maker
2nd -  Brewista: Brewista® Cold Pro™ Commercial Cold Brew Coffee System
3rd - MoJoe Brewing Co: MoJoe Mobile Brewer

PORTLAND - October 2015

1st - Holy Kakow Chocolate: Organic Cardamom Syrup
2nd – Caffe D'Vita: Peppermint Blended Iced Coffee
3rd - Earnest Eats: Energized Hot Cereal Cups
1st – Mavam Espresso Machines: Mavam Under Counter Espresso
2nd – Hydro Flask: Wide Mouth with Hydro Flip™ Lid
3rd – Simpli Press Coffee: Simpli Press

I just wanted to let you know how much we at AeroPress enjoyed the Dallas show. We got high quality leads and couldn't be more pleased. The way Coffee Fest schedules the education...

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