Tea Cupping

Mar 17, 2018 @ 1:30PM - Mar 17, 2018 @ 3:00PM

Perhaps you know a little about tea but have never learned how to cup teas as professionals do.  Cupping can be likened to a wonderful experience or discovery of tea. It’s that aha moment when you taste teas side by side and through taste, aroma, and other grading evaluations, discover the complexities and wonders of the different varieties of tea. Each attendee will receive a tea cupping set to take home. During the session attendees will taste and compare white tea, green teas from China and Japan, oolong tea, black tea, and a flavored tea. Learn how evaluating tea can assist you with buying and offering a consistent quality product to your customers. The time of 1.5 hours allows time to taste all teas and participate in group discussion.


gail_gastelu2018.jpgGail Gastelu
The Tea House Times

Gail Gastelu is owner/publisher of The Tea House Times, producer of Tea Course and Tea Course Fast Track, co-owner of Tea Etiquette Certified and Culinary Tea Course and a frequent presenter at tea and/or coffee shows nationwide. Connecting businesses and consumers since 2003, her passion and drive is to help tea businesses grow by providing many services beneficial to the tea industry. The publication, news, education, hosted blogs, special features, and resources may be found by visiting TheTeaHouseTimes.com website. Gail recently created the nationwide #DrinkTea Campaign with the Tea Council of the USA and Tea and Herbal Association of Canada. Gail currently serves on the advisory board for Windmill Health Products, the Tea Association of the USA's Specialty Tea Institute Advisory Board, and over the years has been an officer or advisory board member to several associations, trade shows, and organizations.