Sustainability at Coffee Fest

SUstainability at Coffee Fest
Doing Our Part to Make a Difference


You'll now find Rinse Stations for reuseable drinkware at all Coffee Fest events.





In an effort to reduce waste and become more socially responsible with waste at our events, we are excited to bring #DrinkRinseRepeat, a new Sustainability program to all of our 2020 Coffee Fest events. Our sustainability sponsors Bargreen Ellingston, Fresh Cup Magazine & Miir have partnered with us to create an on-site program aimed to reduce waste. Bargreen Ellingson has constructed several Rinse Stations for your convenience and these stations will be placed throughout the event for you to rinse out reuseable drinkware used in tastings & cuppings around the hall. MiiR has provided reusable cups—one for each Coffee Fest attendee. 

"We are excited to help trade shows become more sustainable by offering premium MiiR drinkware to attendees. Sampling at shows has an incredibly high waste stream and we are delighted to help fight against the single use epidemic."
- Bryan Pape, Miir Founder & CEO

"Reducing single use plastic isn't an easy task in a world where we are constantly on the go and society says grab it quick and run to your next scheduled box that lives on your digital or old world paper calendar...but making a conscious choice, individually, will move the needle toward making better, responsible decisions. Bargreen Ellingson is proud to be one of the sustainability partners of this Coffee Fest event in Tacoma this November. By providing cup rinsing stations around the event, we will eliminate 6,000+ single use cups each day the event is open. By providing these rinsing stations, we are giving all of you a choice; a choice to be part of the solution and help to re-use what we already have-while protecting what we don't want to further degrade.  Choose to rinse your reusable cup and enjoy another beverage and remember the choice you just made was a choice for incremental change in all of our behaviors."
-Tim Iery, Bargreen Ellingson Vice President of Sales & Marketing

"As we face a global climate crisis, it is imperative to take steps, no matter how small or large, to reduce our carbon footprint. While cupping and tasting are vital components of any trade show, we generate thousands of pieces of waste every day with single-use cups. That’s why Fresh Cup is proud to team up with MiiR and Bargreen Ellingson for Coffee Fest’s #DrinkRinseRepeat initiative: by encouraging reusable drinkware for all attendees and rinsing stations throughout the show halls, we are more equipped than ever to do our small part in reducing waste. Join us in our efforts to create a more sustainable industry."
-Jan Weigel, Fresh Cup Magazine Publisher

Simply pick up your vessel at the Sustainability Station at the entrance to the event and #drinkrinserepeat.

Coffee Fest has consistently been our most profitable show. As a technology provider, we like people to get hands-on with our product and Coffee Fest allows us to do that every time...

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