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Interested in Presenting?

Interested in Presenting?

Now Accepting Proposals for our 2024 Educational Programming for Coffee Fest

We are seeking talented speakers who are objective, dynamic, and have a strong passion for the specialty coffee & tea industry.

The following tracks will be included in the 2024 Educational Programming. Your proposed seminar should fit into one of these areas:

  • Business Operations - Topic examples include finance, design & layout, legal issues, cost reduction opportunities, running a successful business, HR, e-commerce & websites, finding a roaster, starting a new coffee business, recruitment and retention, marketing, branding, customer service, gift & loyalty, purchasing equipment, etc.
  • Roasting & Green Coffee - Topic examples include cupping, seed-to-cup, roast profiles, purchasing roasting equipment, direct & fair trade, green coffee, packaging, etc.
  • Skills Training - hands-on sessions, tasting, recipe building, trends, barista training, sensory analysis, etc.

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*Please note that speakers are responsible for their own expenses as well as hotel and travel arrangements to the show. Financial assistance is not provided. 

Application Closing Dates:


FEBRUARY 14, 2024


APRIL 25, 2024


JUNE 11, 2024


NOVEMBER 23, 2024


  • All submissions must be complete. Please keep in mind that the quality of the description/outline is important for us in evaluating your proposal & the description provided will be published as-is unless Coffee Fest has suggestions or changes.

  • Sales pitches are NOT educational. Attendees invest their time and money to learn valuable information and are not attending educational sessions to be sold on a specific company, or product.

  • Please provide real, valuable information and data (where appropriate). We do not want attendees to feel as if they could have done a quick Google search and received the same information.

  • Past attendee research indicates that our attendees want more intermediate and advanced sessions. While it is important for some topics to remain beginner or introductory for those new to the industry, we will seek a higher percentage of classes for veteran industry members.

  • In most cases, speakers will be required to resubmit new class proposals every year. We want to avoid attendees feeling as if the schedule is exactly the same when they return in following years. Some classes geared toward new attendees will be allowed to remain on the schedule.

  • Speakers must provide a digital copy of their presentation; attendees will access the presentations via the show app.

  • Exhibiting at Coffee Fest is strongly recommended so that attendees can find you on the show floor after class. Coffee Fest exhibitors will be considered first for speaking opportunities.