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Coffee Fest Digital Product Showcase Awards

Coffee Fest Digital Product Showcase Awards


Awarding the Best Consumable and Non-Consumable Product
at Coffee Fest

We have made exciting updates to the product voting programs and want to ensure you know how products will be voted on and what the updated competition format looks like.

Important things to know:

    • Make sure to upload your product photo and description in your exhibitor portal. This description is how you can showcase your products, new or existing, to attendees as they plan their experience at Coffee Fest. 
    • Exhibitors with a Select or Preferred listing can upload their products to view online prior to the show. 
    • Please note: Single product only - product lines will not be permitted.
    • Our industry judges will walk the exhibit floor, visiting all of the companies that entered products into the Digital Product Showcase. They will evaluate based on two pieces of criteria:
      1. Innovation: How on-trend is this product? Is it creative & highly innovative? Is it something customers are asking for?
      2. Retailer Appeal: How easy is this product to bring into a cafe or restaurant? Does it require a lot of training? 
        • For non-consumable products: Does it require a large footprint in the cafe or restaurant?
        • For consumable products: Is it easily implemented into a menu?
    • The trophy for the Best Consumable Product and Best Non-Consumable Product will be awarded in the winner's booths. Winners will be announced on the last show day with a social post going out shortly after announcing the winners to our social media audiences.


Best of Fest People's Choice Award

We heard you! Based on exhibitor feedback, the "Best of Fest" People's Choice award is now open to all products at the show!

    • Attendees will be encouraged to vote for their single-most favorite product at the show and will submit their vote on the Official Show App.
    • To make the process more convenient for everyone, we are changing how votes are submitted. Attendees will submit their vote through the Official Show App.
    • At the end of the show, we will tally the votes to determine the "Best of Fest" People's Choice winner.
    • The trophy will be awarded on the last day of the show with a social post going out shortly after announcing the winners to our social media audiences.

If you have specific questions about how our new Digital Product Showcase or Best of Fest voting, please reach out to the Exhibitor Services Team at coffeefest.es@clarionevents.com.